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“Capitalize on One of the Hottest
(and Most Diverse) Low-Content Publishing Trends for Creating Engaging 
Prompt-Driven Books”
Who Knew Guiding the Creativity of Others Could Be SO Rewarding!
From the Desk of Tony Laidig...

re: Encouraging Creativity!

There are MANY people...tens of thousands...who WANT to be creative but aren’t sure HOW or WHERE to begin. Perhaps they want to...

    • Write a novel
    • Make a fun bucket list
    • Learn more about their family
    • Doodle in a guided way
    • Explore their dreams
    • Track their personal growth
    • Reflect on favorite spiritual texts
    • Or MANY other fun and creative activities!

YOU can help them do that! Many times we just need a nudge...a point us in the right direction. Call it an ice breaker, creative guidance, or a starting point. But whatever you call it, these prompts are extremely helpful...and many people LOVE them!

Perhaps you’re thinking...

      “But Tony, I have never written a novel, so how could I provide direction to an aspiring writer?”

      “I can barely draw a straight could I possibly guide an artist?”

      “I do no personal development myself, and you expect me to guide others into a deeper meaning of themselves?”
That Is the Beauty of This Type of Low-Content Book...
You Do NOT Have to Be an Expert to Create
Products That Creatives Will Love and Want!
In this brand-new training from master creative teacher, Tony Laidig, you will discover the in's and out's of creating some of today's most popular Prompt-Inspired Books and Products for many of the most popular creative markets. 

During this comprehensive training, you will learn:
  • Module One: Researching Ideas for Prompt Books
        • What Are Prompt Books and Why Do People Love Them?
        • Most Popular Prompt-Based Types of Books
        • The Top Niche Themes and Genres
        • Where to Research Your Prompt Ideas
        • Using Software Generators for Your Prompts
  • Module Two: Designing Your Prompt Pages
        • Design Styles and Content
        • Best Uses of Specialty Fonts and Graphics
        • The Best Design Tools
        • Demos in PowerPoint, InDesign, Publisher and Canva
        • Using Color in Your Book Designs
  • Module Three: Layout and Publish Your Book
        • Laying Out Your Full Book
        • Fun Cover Designs and Ideas
        • The Best Publishing Options.
        • Reinvention Strategies for Your Books
        • Creating a Prompt Book Series
        • “Zero Content and Low Content Books” Video
        • “Low-Content Books Revisited ” Video
        • “Create Your Own Low-Content Books” PDF
Here Are a Few Examples of the Types of Prompt-Inspired Books We Will Explore...
Prompt-Inspired Books Will ALWAYS Be a Hot Evergreen Market
Because People Enjoy a Good, Creative Challenge!
That's why I am SUPER excited to tell you about...
“Prompt Book Design”
Right Now TODAY, You Can Get Access to All 3 LIVE Webinar Modules, Bonuses and Ongoing Access to the Replays for...
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