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Illustration Strategies to Generate Art for the Most Popular Books on the Planet!
Unique Illustration Strategies That No One Else Can Copy...Goodbye Stock Images!
From the Desk of Tony Laidig...

re: AI-Based Low-Content Books?!

A quick search on Amazon shows that Low-Content books, of all types, are easily some of the bestselling books available! From Children's Books and Coloring Books to Journals and Prompt Books, not only are these types of books popular, but people buy LOTS of them. Why? Simple...mostly ALL types of Low-Content books are consumable! Customers buy them, use them, and then buy MORE! It's a beautiful thing!

In my years of teaching about book creation and publishing, I have consistently found ONE issue that plagues MOST creatives who wish to get in on the Low-Content book craze...

The Art...

Sure...you can use stock images or Public Domain content, but remember, everyone else ALSO has access to those illustrations. And, unless you are an artist yourself, you are pretty much left with ZERO other options...until NOW!
Imagine Being Able to Crank Out Illustration After Illustration...
As Many As You Need...Using Simple Strategies Few Others
Even Know About...Courtesy AI-Based Software!
As you likely know, I have conducted a LOT (1,000's of hours) of illustration creation testing using ALL the top AI Art programs. My goal with all the testing was to determine if the AI tools are robust enough to create consistent, usable illustrations for use in books of all types. Until recently, I was hesitant to give these strategies a full thumbs-up. That has changed, however. The AI tools available to us have matured enough to make them viable options we can use to generate illustrations of all types...including illustrations for children's books, coloring books, and more!

In this brand-new training, you will discover my secrets as I take you behind the curtains of my AI accounts to show you exactly how you can achieve the SAME or similar results! 

During this comprehensive training, you will learn:
  • Module One: Illustrated Children’s Books
    The Number One challenge that faces most children's book authors is the illustrations. It is one thing to write a fun children's story, but a completely different ballgame to illustrate that story...especially if you're not an artist! In this module, we will dive into how you can use AI-based programs to illustrate your children's books. The technology has FINALLY matured enough to be a viable option...IF you understand how to approach the process.
  • Module Two: Illustrated Novels, Comics, and More!
    Illustrated books go WAY beyond children's books! Illustrated Books can include Manuals for RPG Games, Novels, Grimoires, Comics, and more! One of the biggest challenges I will address in this module (but can apply to children's books as well) is posable characters. Working with posable characters together with AI-generated landscapes opens the door wide-open to possibility for book illustration and in this module, I will reveal a solution that is a game-changer! 
  • Module Three: Coloring Books and Illustrated Journals
    Coloring Books have remained hugely popular as a type of low-content book for a decade, and for good reason! They offer a relaxing and calming escape that highlights self-expression! However, like other illustration-based books, it is the art that is the foundation of the book. Fortunately for us, AI-based programs have unlocked new opportunities for generating coloring pages is some amazingly cool ways! Journals are the epitome of low-content books! They are perfect for personal interaction, the themes that can be used to create them are nearly endless, and they're a consumable product. 
Here Are a Few Examples of AI-Generated Illustrations We Can
Use for Illustrating Low-Content Books of Different Types...
Illustrated Books Will ALWAYS Be a Hot Evergreen Market...
AI Opens Up the Door Even Wider to Create and Illustrate Your OWN!
That's why I am SUPER excited to tell you about...
“AI Illustration: Low-Content Books”
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